Google Play Apps Reviews

Google Play Apps Reviews
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What is Google Play

Nowadays, talking about Google Play or Google Play Store is normal for everyday life. It is a virtual place where people access daily to download all kind of applications, whether for work, for lifestyle, for entertainment … without stopping to think about why or when this platform came to be integrated naturally into their lives. We simply enter Google Play (or Google App Store), perform a search of the app we want to use, whether paid or free. Once it is located we download it and start using it. It’s that simple but when did it all start? How did this situation normalize? Next we will solve that mystery.

Google Play History

The history of Google Play begins publicly in 2008, when this Google application store called Android Market was launched at the time. It was in 2012 when it change the nomenclature to the current Google Play (Google App Store) official name.Why this name change? Basically because of the merge between Google Music and Android Market. It was an important marketing bet of the internet giant, a bet of success.

The growth of the platform was awesome since it went from having just over two thousand applications in 2009 to more than six hundred fifty thousand only 3 years later. If we mention those that exist today, the figure is chilling. In June of the current year Google Play had approximately two million seven hundred thousand apps, crazy.

How do Google Play reviews work

The reviews received by the Google App Store applications (Google Play) are based on two basic premises: the content of the comment, that is, if it is positive or negative, and a star rating system, meaning that the applications are bad if they only get a single star and excellent when the hit the amount of five.

Google uses an algorithm that positions apps inside his store. This algorithm consider the number of downloads an app has, the positive reviews and their score and the user engagement (how many times a user uses an app or if he does it often).

Google has announced a new scoring system for applications, in which it places more importance on recent user ratings han on old ones. With this new policy, having new positive reviews will make apps gain visibility in Google Play platform, increasing the number of downloads and installations.

Advantages of Google Play good reviews

Companies fight to get the most presence through their apps in Google Play. An app that is well positioned in Google Play Store is synonymous of a high rate of downloads and, therefore a greater benefit for the company that owns the app.

It is very important that entrepreneurs understand the importance of the reviews that users post in their apps, since that gives more credibility to what companies sell and it will be easy to gain the trust of potential customers. An app with positive reviews improves positioning and therefore visibility, increasing the app downloads. Those apps without comments, or with bad comments will not gain visibility within the platform and will have a low number of downloads.

In order to move up in the Google Play ranking it is essential to get good reviews from users. The top applications of this platform, are those that have more visibility and therefore their number of downloads is very high.

At the present time, the positive ratings of the users have a fundamental role in the positioning of the apps at the Google Play platform, so companies should base their efforts on getting users to make positive reviews of them.