iOS App Store Reviews

iOS App Store Reviews
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What is IOS App Store

Apple’s service to download applications for its devices is called the App Store. It currently has almost 2 million applications ready for download and contains applications divided into multiple categories like games, sports, economy, books, music, video, etc. These applications can be free or paid and will only work on the brand’s devices

The different devices of apple, Iphone, Ipad, Mac, Watch and Ipod, download their applications from the IOS App Store. All app developers who release a version for an Apple device, must publish it in the App Store so users can access to it. App Store is also characterized by having a design line identical to the entire Apple environment, as well as simple and easy to use.

IOS App Store  History

With the first release of iPhone at 2007, App Store did not exist yet. It was a year later when the service was launched, specifically at July 10th. A day later, iPhone 3g was released as the first phone that had App Store incorporated. After that, many competitors launched similar services, so Apple worked to make their IOS App Store a trademark, managing to achieve it 3 years later, at 2011.

Since its release, the service has evolved constantly, adding new features and different types of apps. We can highlight a big change in their design in 2017, which included new options with daily, monthly or all-time most liked and downloaded apps, and also a greater and cleaner look.

How do IOS App Store reviews work

Users can leave reviews about the different applications in the App Store. To do this, they must navigate to the app detail screen and go down to the reviews icon. Now in the reviews screen there is a new document icon that must be tapped to write the review and send it.

Apple includes a 5 stars ranking system so users can vote apps from 1 to 5 stars, and only Apple registered users can review and rating apps in the IOS App Store.

The self-generated IOS App Store rankings, such as top sellers or top apps by categories, use an algorithm to classify apps. This Apple algorithm to positioning an app in the App Store is based on a series of parameters:

  • Downloads: The downloads influence the rankings, if one app has 5000 downloads and another one has 50 it is ease to see that the one with 5000 is considered better for the algorithm.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Another very important aspect in the ranking is the opinions and ratings from other users. These two values are telling the algorithm, if users liked the app.
  • User engagement: Another important aspect is the user’s compromise with the application, that is the number of times and how often a user interacts with an app.

Advantages of positive IOS App Store reviews

How many applications that are in the top 100 have a few reviews? The answer is none. The importance of receiving good reviews and ratings to positioning an app in top positions is evident.

Rankings and reviews are very important in the IOS App Store because they grant visibility to apps, allowing them to be promoted among users. The higher an app is in those rankings, the more people will see it and therefore more users will download and install it.

Apps with a rating below 4 stars are rarely highlighted. The average score for outstanding applications is 4,2 and 4.4 for games.

The App Store is used to make an iOS terminal or a Mac computer a much more capable and versatile device. Thanks to it you can download countless apps to get more out of Apple devices.