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What is TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the largest social review website in the world that shows to users, restaurant and hotel reviews. Travelers who want to look for a hotel or restaurant review can search in TripAdvisor website to read other users opinions.

TripAdvisor is a free review website where most of the content are provided by user, and travelers from all over the world use it to search in more than 750 million reviews of 8.2 million hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruises…

Today, it is essential for any hotel or restaurant company to register on tripadvisor, for reasons of visibility and marketing and gaining access to millions of customers.

TripAdvisor History

The company was founded in February 2000 as a website that offer reviews from guidebooks and magazines, but they included a option for users to upload their own reviews. This button to add reviews had a great success and users reviews began to grow.  12 years later, in 2012, TripAdvisor was the biggest travel site in the world with more than 280 visitors per month. That year Facebook and TripAdvisor connect their services, so TripAdvisor users can select Facebook friends comments.

Just for you” was launched in October 2014. TripAdvisor used user’s preferences and search results, to recommend custom offerts to clients.

Today it is a tool widely used by travelers from around the world to plan their trips and vacations, and has an app for mobile devices that facilitates its use anywhere. With this new application, any user can leave their opinion from any place and at any time

How do TripAdvisor reviews work?

Leaving a review or opinion on TripAdvisor is very simple. One way to do this is going to the opinions option and leave the comment. It is also possible to do it from the left side of the home page, selecting the option to write an opinion.

Only registered users can leave reviews to avoid the abusive use of anonymous opinions. These reviews may take up to 48 hours to be public, even though they can be seen in the profile itself. The usual time to publish a review is 24 to 48 hours, it can also be extended for some reasons such as language not suitable for children, comments on other reviews, or opinions that do not match the place.

The company is engaged in the fight against false opinions and for this it has technological measures as well as a team of experts moderators. In addition, any comment already published, can be reported and will be reviewed to verify its veracity.

The TripAdvisor popularity ranking algorithm classifies the different services based on a series of parameters such as quality, quantity and recency. That is, the more recent positive comments a service had, the better ranking it will have.

Advantages of good Trip Advisor reviews

As we have already seen, in order to rise in the popularity ranking of the TripAdvisor website, it is important to have positive reviews. If we add, that these opinions are recent and have a large number of them, you can move up in the ranking, fastest.

For a company it is important to have a lot of good comments on TripAdvisor website since this will be reflected in more reservations or visits, in addition to an increase in reputation and brand image. As the ranking on TripAdvisor increases, the services and products of companies will reach greater visibility and more users will access to them.

All companies want to gain popularity on TripAdvisor and be able to be shown to a lot of potential clients. It is a powerful marketing tool that is free to use.