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What is TrustPilot 

If a company is stands out for bring closer companies to consumers, that is Trustpilot. They offer an open platform where users can leave their opinions about the different businesses they use.

The company is distinguished by having quality and very reliable reviews. For consumers, TrustPilot represents a place to find and contact companies, and for companies, it is a platform to progress, thanks to customer feedback.

TrustPilot currently has more than 65 million opinions and more than 300,000 websites reviewed, surpassing each month 13 million users checking and leaving their comments.

TrustPilot History

Peter Holten Mühlmann founded Trustpilot in 2007, while he was studying at Aarhus university (Denmark). The company started with an idea that Peter had when their parents were not sure about online shopping. He thought that making a site where consumers could share their opinions and experiences with others would make people take easier decisions when they are about to buy something online. Peter started asking his friends if they would support something like that, and he found out that they have had the same experience as his parents, so he realised his idea was good. With the financial help of his uncle, he started with his project, quickly getting a lot of support. Also, with some millionaire investments on the company, Trustpilot expanded to New York and London, making the brand bigger and hiring hundreds of new employees.

Actually, the number of reviews surpasses 13 millions, posting around a million reviews monthly and the trend is to keep on rising.

How do TrustPilot reviews work

To  post a review on TrustPilot a registration process is needed (Facebook, Google or email accounts can be linked). Once you have found a business, you can select a link to write a review and vote, selecting  from 1 to 5 stars, all this through an intuitive interface and very easy to use.

It is possible to add the booking or transaction number to the review, so it is easier for the company, in case they respond to the review.

TrustPilot allow users to review a company that is not in their database, using the Create a new company profile page option.

Transparency is the key for other users’ reviews to be considered trustworthy, so TrustPilot implements a system to avoid reviews that are out of place or are clearly malicious. Sometimes TrustPilots reviews disappear for a while as an investigation is being conducted (it may have been automatically marked as fraud, or have been reported by another user). The companies themselves can notify Trustpilot if they think any review is fake or violates the community rules.

Advantages of positive TrustPilot reviews

One of the great advantages of the internet is that it allows the opinion of each person to be made public. In the case of good opinions about products or businesses, these can be the key to decide a product purchase or a service acquisition.

Having positive reviews on the TrustPilot website means an increase in sales and customer confidence for companies. A large number of customers can be won, thanks to good reviews posted by other TrustPilot users.

TrustPilot has a fantastic interface and review system that allows users to search, access comments from other users, compare businesses, post reviews, view and filter votes, etc. The objective of the company is to help both customers and companies, to interact with each other, so that they can obtain a mutual benefit.

TrustPilot is a great platform to leave your opinions about the businesses you visit, in order to help other users in their searches, and help the companies themselves with your feedback.