Yellow Pages Reviews

Yellow Pages Reviews
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What is Yellow Pages

If there is a company with many years helping users to find the businesses they need, that is Yellow Pages, through many ways, until reaching the current In addition, now it has an app for mobile devices, to search in millions of local businesses, and allow the connection between them and with customers. only operates in the United States and has more than 60 million users each month (it also works in Canada under the domain). The website has an exclusive browse for restaurants, which can be used by cities or towns.

Yellow Pages  History was founded in 1996. In 2004 the BellSouth and SBC Communications inc companies bought and joined another company called Cingular. These companies merged their own yellow pages on In 2005, SBC bought AT&T, who one year later acquired BellSouth, so became part of a single company.

The classic site was renamed in 2009. The page has great success today, receiving millions of visits every month and the mobile app is one of the most downloaded in Apple store.

How do Yellow Pages reviews work

In you can post a review of what you think of a business. This feedback is useful, both for other users, and for the company itself. The process is simple, just find the business on and enter a comment giving a rating (from 1 to 5 stars). At the top of the main page there is a “Write a Review” link that begins the simple process of publishing a review. Then you can write the review, rate the business and upload pictures.

It is important to note that only users registered on can post a review, upload photos or vote, This prevents inappropriate use of anonymous comments.

Reviews that are offensive, with inappropriate language or that are false, will be rejected by’s check system. It is very important for to take care of user comments, to make them useful to the community.

Yellow pages display now, new accreditations, A and A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBA accreditation is considered one of the most important seals for small businesses) .


Advantages of positive Yellow Pages reviews

Reviews and votes have a great power of decision when consumers are buying. That is why it is extremely important to have positive ratings, as well as good comments, on the website.The advantages of positive reviews are:

  • More visits: The better reviews and ratings a business gets, more visible it will be to users. That, will increase profile and customers visits. People take reviews seriously before going to a business.
  • Increase sells and benefits: Good reviews will attract more customers to the business, so sales and profits will also increase. This increase obtained by the new reviews must be confirmed, offering good services and products to continue getting positive comments.
  • Brand Improvement: Positive reviews will attract more customers to the business, so, if a business has a high score and good reviews on, the perception of the company to the users, is very high. All this, helps to improve the company image. Ratings and positive reviews are powerfull marketing tools.

If you are looking for any business in the United States, using is a great idea. You can find the business you are looking for, and you can see what other users think about it, reading their reviews and seeing their scores.

Users usually upload photos of business, so it is possible to see various photos, taken by users, before going to visit them.