Yelp Reviews

Yelp Reviews
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What is Yelp

If we want to find a small business in our neighborhood or city, searching in YELP is a great idea. If we need a dentist, a plumber or a restaurant for dinner, we can use this great search tool to find exactly what we are looking for.

It is very comfortable to access from a laptop or even a smartphone, and look for the best stores in your closest environment. Yelp is a fast service, it is reliable and has great utility throughout the day. It also has a location service, which allows searches by nearby areas, cities or countries.

This local search helps to boost local commerce and advertise small businesses. Using the yelp search tool, and the comments of its users, you can discover great sites in the surroundings of your town or city.

Yelp History

In 2004, two paypal employees decided to create a businesses and stores reviews network via email. They called Yelp because of its similarity with the word Help. Email reviews did not have the expected success and in 2005 it was changed to a web review system. In 2009, Yelp had more than 4.5 million reviews and over 300 employees. As of this year the company began its expansion, opening sites outside the USA as in the UK and Canada, to, in the following years, open new sites in non-English speaking countries, such as France, Spain and Germany. Yelp is currently available in more than 32 countries and as the data reflects, until Q2 2019 users had written more than 192 million reviews.

How do Yelp reviews work

After browsing through the Yelp search engine and finding the business of which you want to give an opinion, on the description page of that business, there is a button called “Write a review” that directs you to a form where you can write the review and give 1 to 5 stars. In this process, Yelp provides a Content Guideline that shows how to write a review correctly. Yelp also allows you to add business photos as well as share it on Facebook or Twitter.

In Yelp we can see the number of reviews that a certain business has, we can access them in order to read them and we can see the average rating they have (from 1 to 5 stars).

The Yelp algorithm analyzes a large amount of data, such as different measures of quality, reliability and activity on Yelp, to recommend the best sites to its users. Therefore, the more quality reviews a company has, the more confidence it will convey to users and then Yelp, will recommend it more often.

Yelp has a mobile application (for Android or IOS smartphones and tablets), in which it is possible to consult reviews of other users and add your own. It also has a navigation map system that allows you to explore the surrounding area.

Advantages of positive Trip Advisor reviews

It is clear that a user will visit first,a business that he reads positive comments, that of those who do not have comments, or they are negative. The fact that a company has positive comments on Yelp, will make users choose to go for their products or services, increasing sales and improving company brand.

Businessman can add their companies to Yelp for free, incorporating information, photos, products and services, etc. Then, they will start receiving customer reviews. The more positive reviews they receive, the more people who find them on Yelp, will decide to go to their shops.

The basis of success on Yelp is to show a great profile and have many positive opinions from users. Positive reviews on Yelp are very important.